Species in 7devils are categorized into three categories, Mundane, Deminatural, and Supernatural. Often, however, anything that isn't human is referred to categorically as a "Supe" or "Super," regardless if it is a deminatural or supernatural species.

There are seven distinct species in 7devils: Human, Vampire, Werewolf, Werecat, Pixie, Siren, and Lilin. Subspecies include Hunters, Witches, and Voids.

Supe Status


The only actual mundane species to exist is that of the Humans, though mundane on a broader scale would include anything from the natural world, such as cats, dogs, whales, insects, etc. Whether or not a Hunter would be classified as mundane or deminatural is a contested subject.

Mundanes possess no magical or supernatural abilities, though all humans are technically able to do witchcraft. Once they have successfully done so, they would be considered deminatural, muddying the line between Human and Witch.


The deminatural species are actually Human or Were subspecies. They include Hunters (again, a contested classification), Witches, and Voids. Deminaturals possess abilities beyond that of a mundane, but not to the full extent of a Supernatural. The key difference between a demi- and super- would be the lifespan. Deminaturals age at a normal rate unless magic has been used to alter this, and have only slightly longer expected lifespans than a mundane.


The supernatural species are capable of true supernatural abilities. These include a physical change in "state" (i.e., vampire state, wolf state) which results in notably different physiology. In their "supe state" the species usually are granted powers and abilities beyond that of a human. Supernaturals include Vampires, Werewolves, Werecats, Pixies, Sirens, and Lilins.

Guild Status

Original Hunters, before the formation of the Guild, hunted every deminatural or supernatural being, determined to exterminate them. With the peace treaties enacted through the centuries, this shifted to monitoring and neutrality. Hunters now serve as the lawmakers and police of the world, keeping the peace and punishing and/or eliminating rule breakers.


Species with a friendly status with the Hunters Guild are considered active allies. These include mundane humans, witches, and pixies.

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